Get those guns off our streets!

Police Commissioner Mike Bush announced that cops will start routine patrols armed with assault rifles in Manukau, Waikato, and Christchurch. Right now, SUVs full of automatic weapons are cruising around our neighbourhoods, looking for a fight.

Pacific people are 3x more likely than Pākehā to be the victims of police violence. Māori are almost 8x more likely. More police with guns in brown neighbourhoods will lead to more police bullets in brown people.

Armed police patrols will commit racist shootings if we don’t stop them.

Did you vote for the police to carry pistols when they talk to your kids? When they pull you over? Of course not: nobody got to vote on this. Mike Bush decided on this policy all on his own, with no democratic input. The police have totally ignored our communities’ wishes.

The police say armed police patrols will reduce gun violence. If gangs know the police are armed, they will arm themselves too. These patrols do not make us safer. They make us less safe. The solution to gang violence is social services that meet our needs, not teams of police commandos pointing machine guns at us.

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